Festival time is approaching and Back Woods Road is so happy to be on the August line-up with all the fantastic bands for the 2022 Blistered Fingers Family Bluegrass Festivals. Keeping all these bluegrass festivals thriving is so important to all of us who love the music and treasure the lasting friendships. Below are the posters for some of the Bluegrass Festivals coming this summer and we urge you all to give them a try. Spend the weekend or buy a day ticket and experience the fun.

Rich & Jane from BWR will be attending the June Blistered Fingers Family Bluegrass Festivals as well as the Labor Day weekend Thomas Point Beach Bluegrass Festival to enjoy all the music and jam with friends and make new friends. As the title to a song on Rhonda Vincent’s new CD states, “Music’s What I See”.

Maine Bluegrass Band and Beyond

Founded in 2011, Back Woods Road is a highly energized acoustic band known for its tight harmonies, hard driving lead solos, and crowd-pleasing varied choice of music and arrangements. There’s never an ordinary song for this band. They take it up a notch and one further. Members are Rich Bernier (dobro, guitar, and vocals); Jane Bernier (guitar, mandolin and vocals), Mike Conant, (fiddle and vocals), Jason Wescott, (guitar), and Jake McCarthy (bass).

Like a Phoenix, Back Woods Road rose out of the ashes of Maine bluegrass band “The NitPickers”, and took wing originally as a trio playing folk, rock, blues and country as well as its staple of bluegrass band/newgrass band tunes that they had become known for.

With close-knit harmonies, sizzling guitar/dobro licks and melodic bass lines, Back Woods Road is establishing itself as a must-see acoustic band.

Maine Bluegrass Band, the Nitpickers

As The NitPickers, they recorded a self-titled CD and performed twice on the “207” show on NBC Channel 6. As Back Woods Road they appeared twice on the Fox 23 “Good Day Maine” morning show.

Fairs & Festivals for Maine Bluegrass Bands

Back Woods Road have continued touring regionally with performances at various festivals in New England and other high visibility venues such as The Brunswick Outdoor Arts Festival, Sunday River and Sugarloaf ski areas, the Brunswick Music on the Mall Series, Podunk Bluegrass Festival, White’s Beach Bluegrass Festival, Blistered Fingers Bluegrass Festival, Thomas Point Bluegrass Festival, Pemi Valley Bluegrass Festival, Country Fest Maine, County Fairs and more.

What reviewers have said about Back Woods Road:

“These guys do their homework. Complex arrangements, executed with polish and a command of dynamics”.

“Their three part harmonies are near perfect and the fact that their voices are so different from one another works in a way you wouldn’t think possible”.

“It is worth the trip to see these guys. BWR puts on a good show… it is exciting to watch and different every night”.

“Bernier’s fill and solo work are spontaneous. You don’t hear the same licks in the same places from show to show”.

“This is not the same old thing… these guys play songs nobody else in the region are playing. It is dynamic, edgy, acoustic music… Do yourself a favor, go out and see them live!”

So, take a journey on a Back Woods Road