Acoustic Music Samples

Whose Side are the Chickens on Whose side were the chickens on?

Blue Side of the Mountain Blue Side of the Mountain

Caleb Myer Caleb Myer

Can’t Let Go Can’t Let Go

Lonesome Pine Lonesome Pine

Lucky One Lucky One

Acoustic music

Acoustic music holds a special place in our hearts. It can liven up a dinner party without making it so loud that you can’t hear your table-mate. It’s perfect for a summer outing on the lake or an intimate holiday party. That doesn’t mean that we don’t know how to fill the room with sound when the event warrants it. Acoustic music is earthy, and close to where we live, especially here in Maine where there is a rich history of traditional music. Back Woods road builds on that acoustic music tradition, taking it one step further, playing many familiar popular tunes as well.