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Maine Bluegrass Tradition

Blistered Fingers – Maine Bluegrass Festival

Maine Bluegrass Band - Blistered FingersBlistered Fingers is going on their 50th festival this upcoming June, now for 27 years. Back Woods Road will be there Wednesday and Friday. For your convenience, they now except Credit card payments for online ticket purchases.


The weekend tickets cover music and camping for 5 days for each festival. These tickets will make great gifts for any holiday. Please when ordering your Advance tickets pay only for your Advance ticket. You can pay for power, dogs and Early Bird camping at the gate upon your arrival. Remember the price is only $35.00 for power for your Entire stay on the grounds which is still on a first come basis.

Thomas Point Beach Maine Bluegrass Festival

Maine bluegrass’s premiere festival, Thomas Point Beach Bluegrass Festival, had run its course after 37 years (with a one- or two-year hiatus in there somewhere). It’s back!! Bill Monroe played the festival several times. Most of those that come to listen also pick, or have a spouse that plays an instrument. It’s a beautiful spot, right on the ocean in Brunswick, Maine. The magic is not just in the music, but in the comradery amongst the campers. A Maine bluegrass festival is unique, in that the real show happens out in the field after they close down the stage. Thomas Point has a tradition of bringing one of the headlining bands to the ‘caboose’ late at night for a jam session. It’s a chance to rub elbows with some bluegrass nobility (if I can use that word, bluegrassers are a humble bunch). The nice thing about the Thomas Point Beach festival is that it draws a big enough crowd to afford some of the best performers in the world. In addition to late-night pickin’ around the fire there are small-group workshops throughout the festival. Check out the comments on this post on Thomas Point’s site.

One Longfellow Square

Bluegrass at OLS

Check out One Longfellow Square for bluegrass shows.

Blizzard Bob

Blizzard Bob has been a mainstay of Maine bluegrass for many years. I can remember listening to his show on WMPG back in the late 90s, before I hardly played at all. I would tape the program, then just about wear out the tape listening to it for the following week. Occasionally I would get a chance to play the show at work (when I was manning the radio). I’d be willing to bet there are many folks out there that got their start listening to Bob. Thanks, Bob.

Who’s Pickin’ Where

Calendar courtesy of the Maine Bluegrass Music Association